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Rental housing units for retirees and seniors


Maribor Studenci

The sheltered housing facility is near the Retirement home Dom pod Gorco, at Ulica Frana Žižka 24 in…

Experts’ meetings with Housing Committees of Senior Citizen Organizations 2019

In April, May, and June 2019, the Fund organized 10 regional experts’ meetings with the Housing Comm…

Poljčane, Bistriška cesta 70 – higher energy efficiency and elevator installation

Significantly improve the quality of living and reduce the heating and lightning costs.

The international conference on innovative living for seniors (Treviso, Italy)

The lecturers came from Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia.

Assisted rental housing units

Ljubljana Brdo
Maribor Studenci
Murska Sobota

Suitable and affordable rental housing for seniors.

Pension Real Estate Fund, L.t.d.
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