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General information

Pension Real Estate Fund, L.t.d. (Nepremičninski sklad pokojninskega in invalidskega zavarovanja, d.o.o.) is a legal entity, operating as a company in accordance with both the Pension and Disability Insurance Act, as well as with the Companies Act. The Fund’s founder and sole member is the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZPIZ). Its Council also functions as the Assembly of the Fund. The Assembly appoints all 5 members of the supervisory board.

Our mission: to provide suitable and affordable rental housing units for seniors.

The Fund’s CEO is MSc. Andrej Hudoklin.

The Fund owns and manages 3.251 properties:

  • 2.763 purpose-built rental housing units for retirees and seniors;
  • 360 sheltered rental housing units for retirees and seniors;
  • 42 facilities, used by senior citizen organizations;
  • 3 offices;
  • 1 retirement home and
  • 82 parking areas and garages.

Our housing units are found in 116 cities throughout Slovenia with the purpose of solving the housing problems of retirees and senior citizens (as on Jan 1, 2021).


The Fund operates through its four organizational units:

  • Property Management: organization and coordination of property renting, management and maintenance
  • Property Investment: planning and realization of building renovations and construction
  • Legal and General Services: organization, coordination and realization of legal, HR and general services, assets management, investments and accounting

The Fund has 23 employees: 3 with upper-secondary education, 1 with higher vocational education, 5 with higher education degree, 11 with a university degree and 3 with postgraduate degree.


  • MSc. Andrej Hudoklin, CEO
  • Irena Kadunc, manager assistant
  • Andrej Kos, head of Property Management 
  • Robert Peternelj, head of Property Investments
  • Sabina Kraljič, head of Legal and General Services 
  • MSc. Sašo Bertalanič, Marketing and Property Sales Organization

Suitable and affordable rental housing for seniors.

Pension Real Estate Fund, L.t.d.