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o_podjetju.pngSheltered housing facility Kranj


Location and description

  • The sheltered housing facility is near the Retirement Home Kranj at Planini 66A and 66B in Kranj.
  • The apartments are designed to accommodate all tenants, including people with disabilities (elevator, wide passages, adjusted furniture).
  • The facility consists of the basement, ground floor, 2 floors and the top floor/attic, i.e. 30 apartments altogether:
    • 1 apartment with 34 m2
    • 14 apartments with 37-39 m2
    • 2 apartments with 49 m2
    • 12 apartments with 50-54 m2
    • 1 apartment with 57 m2, with separate sleeping area.
  • All apartments come with a bathroom, a lodge and a pantry in the basement.
  • Each apartment already comes with a kitchen (cupboards, a refrigerator with freezer, an electric cooking plate) and bathroom (architecturally adjusted; a shower with a handhold). Each unit also comes with the installations for air conditioning. All other rooms can be furnished in accordance with the tenant’s wishes.
  • The apartment has a built-in 24-hour emergency call device if assistance is needed.
  • There is a communal area on the ground floor where tenants can socialize.
  • There are 14 underground parking lots to rent, including 4 lots for the disabled, and 16 parking lots in front of the facility.
  • The energy performance certificate has been issued; this facility is in the band C (44 kWh/m2a).

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Terms of rent and lease duration

  • Over 65 years of age.
  • Suitable physical condition – the tenant must be able to live independently.
  • The applicant has not declared personal bankruptcy. 
  • The tenant must be able to pay the rent and other apartment-related costs.

The housing units are rented in accordance with the Fund's Rules for Renting the Sheltered Rental Housing Units. The lease is signed for an indefinite period.

Rent and costs

Monthly rent:

  • For a 34 m2 apartment: approximately 257,00 EUR
  • For a 37 m2 apartment: approximately 279,00 EUR
  • For a 49 m2 apartment: approximately 366,00 EUR
  • For a 52 m2 apartment: approximately 389,00 EUR 
  • For a 57 m2 apartment: approximately 430,00 EUR

Rent prices are not fixed. The rent can change in accordance with the agreements made by the company body. The rent does not include the effective costs that will be charged by the individual operators and suppliers for the electricity and water, radio and TV subscription, general operating costs and 24-hour emergency call service, as well as any other apartment-related costs that may arise.

Other services

Various payable services of the nearby Retirement home Kranj are available to all tenants, if necessary. All arrangements are made individually, depending on the type and frequency of the service. The most common additional services are:

  • providing daily meals, personal hygiene assistance, household help, cleaning, laundry service, ironing …
  • health care and medical assistance in accordance with health care regulations
  • helping tenants socializ

Suitable and affordable rental housing for seniors.

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