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o_podjetju.pngRental housing units for retirees and seniors


The purpose-built housing units are intended to solve the housing problem for retirees and other senior citizens. The Fund owns 2.763 purpose-built rental housing units in 116 cities and 566 apartment and office buildings throughout Slovenia (as on Jan 1, 2022), mainly studio flats and 1-bedroom apartments with the average size of 37 m2. Not all housing units are adapted for people with physical disabilities. The Fund also owns rental sheltered housing units, and these are all adapted for people with physical disabilities.

Rent and other costs

In accordance with the Article 115/2 of the Housing Act, the rent for the purpose-built housing units is freely determined. At first, the rent was determined in the same way as and in the amount of the non-profit rent. Under the provisions of the Supervisory Board, thus determined rents are adjusted for inflation of the previous year. On July 1, 2018, the rent was adjusted for the inflation in 2017 (1,7 %). The rent does not include the cost of electricity, water, phone, radio and TV subscription, and any other service costs, charged by the individual suppliers and service providers.

Terms of rent and lease duration

  • Retired person or senior citizen, generally over 65 years of age.
  • Suitable physical condition – the tenant must be able to live on their own.
  • The tenant must be able to pay the rent and other related costs.

The housing units are rented in accordance with the Fund's Rules for Renting the Purpose-built Rental Housing Units. The lease is signed for an indefinite period.

Prior to singing the lease, the tenant is obliged to conclude a contract for the advanced payment in the amount of 25,56 EUR per m2. The prepayment is used for restoring the apartment if the tenant disregards the usual valid standards of apartment maintenance or/and for restoring any outstanding liabilities of the tenant. The aforementioned amount can be paid in one or several payments (but no more than 36). Interest charges apply.

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Suitable and affordable rental housing for seniors.

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