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o_podjetju.pngPoljčane, Bistriška cesta 70 – higher energy efficiency and elevator installation


The Pension Real Estate Fund invests in renovations and adaptations of their designated facilities for the elderly that often have physical disabilities and specific needs.

In summer 2018, the renovation and architectural adaptation of the facility in Poljčane was completed. A new elevator shaft was installed and a staircase extension was added, as well as a new façade coat. Balconies and balustrades, the existing staircase, halls, and the lightning in halls, staircases and pantries were refurbished. There are new parking spots outside, and there is also a new common area for socializing. The costs of the renovations for better energy efficiency were partly covered with the ECO Fund subsidy.

All these novelties were particularly well received with the Fund’s tenants, as the investments in the energy efficient building, the new elevator, new parking spaces, the lawn as the common area for socializing, and the installation of quality LED-lightning in other common areas of the facility significantly improve the quality of living and reduce the heating and lightning costs.

Suitable and affordable rental housing for seniors.

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