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o_podjetju.pngPrevalje, Trg 33, 41 and 42 – energy-saving renovations and elevators installment


5. 9. 2018

The Fund renovates and adapts its housing units and individual apartments to meet the specific needs of retirees and other senior citizens, and thus improves their living conditions. This summer, the energy-saving renovations and architectural adjustments were completed in Prevalje housing units at Trg 33, 41 and 42. The building was renovated (a new outer insulation, renovated balconies with side wind screens) and elevators were installed. The extensions with new porches and entrances were finished, and the surroundings were renewed (access to the building, new benches, bike racks, lawns, and trash disposal areas). In addition, the heating network and plumbing was refurbished. The Fund was granted a subsidy by the Slovenian Environmental Public Fund.

These renovations are a very welcome gain for the Fund's tenants because accessing the premises and climbing the stairs was rather difficult for some. Due to these energy-saving renovations, the heating costs will be reduced.

Take a virtual tour of the premises and see the photo gallery.


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